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"I'll F*ckin Kill Your Whole Family" Smash Mouth Lead Singer Gets HAMMERED At A Performance And Roasts The Crowd A Little Bit

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Smash Mouth is back at it again. Look, I love Smash Mouth as much as the next piece of absolute shit, but I hate to see them going out like this. Going from performing stadiums and festivals to performing Sally's birthday party in upstate New Mexico has gotta be a shot to the ole pride. Not to mention, who calls it upstate New Mexico? Lunatics. 

I have a feeling that I know what happened, though. The lead singer from Smash Mouth is a big-time lady's man. How do I know? Well, because once he tried to get in my wife's britches. That's right. They were waiting at baggage claim here in San Antonio. My wife was standing there waiting for her bag, and he informed her that he was in town for a gig. "You should come. I'll put you on the list. Who wouldn't wanna see a Smash Mouth show?"


An excellent question to which there is no answer that doesn't start with fucking everyone. If you get the chance to go to a smash mouth show, you do it even if you know he's going to threaten to murder you. Par for the course, imo. Anyway, here's walkin on the sun.