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A lot of people are on twitter right now saying they've never heard of John Cusack. That they don't know his catalogue and think he's a complete NOBODY. Well truth be told John Cusack brought heat in the 80's and 90's much less 2012. Certified bonafide A list actor and now he just hangs around Chicago going to random playoff games. 

Con Air is considered some of his most pulse pounding work. A plane carrying dozens of high risk prisoners comes under control of a fearless leader. There's an Army Ranger just trying to get home to see his daughter. There's a minor medical crisis that gradually evolves into a major storyline. You've got Ving Rhames and Malkovich and Buscemi. There's explosions and slow motion and car chasing at an airport. More plot lines than you can keep up with and along the way, John Cusack is in the middle of it... trying to help this man get home to his daughter. Trying to save a plane of convicts and the city of Las Vegas. Trying to do right despite the tactical inefficiencies of Federal Law Enforcement policy. It's got a little bit of everything for everyone, and a whole lot of John Cusack. 

Personally I think he's a great actor, and this is some of his best work. 

Please enjoy.