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Neymar Used A Bold Tactic During A Skirmish With Yerry Mina ... He Tried To Kiss Him Right On The Field, Mid-Match

[The Sun] - Following a meaty coming together which left both men on the floor, a frustrated Mina went over to the former Barcelona star to exchange words. 

Neymar didn't take kindly to Mina's aggression, standing up and moving his face to the Everton defender's.

And he then puckered up and tried to lay a smacker on the burly centre-back.

The kiss, however, didn't make contact with Mina, who promptly walked away from the angry forward.

What a fucking move. It reminds me of the scene in Blue Mountain State.

Sammy just attempting to get out of fights by threatening to jerk people off. Neymar is smart, no one wants to get their ass kicked. It's not fun taking a punch or even a push. With Neymar you have to expect that push would send him on a minimum 10 or 11 spins on the ground. So what's the better option? Pucker up and dare Mina to kiss him back.

I don't even know how you respond to that. Any time you get to close to Neymar during the rest of the match you gotta be on the lookout for a kiss. No one wants that. I don't enjoy people close to me let alone trying to kiss me, all you're trying to do is qualify for the World Cup. Instead you tie 0-0 and have a picture of Neymar trying to kiss you. That's tough.  

Again, I love the move. Break out whatever it takes to get in someone's head during a game and more importantly don't get your ass kicked. Sure, we're talking about soccer so Mina wouldn't have punched him. But, still, you never know. Just remember next time you're in a fight just try to kiss them. See what happens.