Giants Fans, Get The Taste Of Yesterday's Nightmarish Cowboys Game Out Of Your Mouth By Watching Kadarius Toney's Highlights Until Your Eyes Bleed

Feel better?

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Good! We are going to forget all the injuries and embarrassment that occurred in Dallas on yet another Defeat Monday. Those are the problems of Tuesday-Sunday us that I already covered in my laps last night.

Instead, let's focus on the most electrifying receiver the Giants have had in years.

Let's hope the Giants don't resign him not to trade him then trade him a few months later!

It's not only the broken tackles or contested grabs (which I didn't even expect from Toney this early) that gets my juices flowing as I try to sell my kids in order to get extra FABB money to pick up Yung Joka in fantasy. It's him breaking ankles of other superhumans effortlessly.

This guy needs to get the ball soooooo much more, which is something Giants fans have been saying since Week 1. I'll give Garrett a slight mulligan for the Broncos game since Toney got COVID then was banged up during camp. But this better be by farrrrrrr the lowest snap count Toney ever registers in his Giants career again.

I even love that Toney is fighting for his teammates, even if that teammate is Evan Engram. 

It may not be the sweetest example of the sweet science, but Toney not knowing how to correctly throw a punch was actually a good thing since the Giants would've lost another offensive weapon to injury on that cursed day because he hurt his hand punching a guy with a helmet on, which is maybe the dumbest things you can do on a football field. I can live with getting ejected from a game that is over but I can't have Toney possibly getting suspended when he is he only good player still standing. Besides, Kadarius has already apologized for his mistakes, so it's all water under the bridge in my eyes.

And it sounds like the league agrees since it wasn't that egregious of a punch, no matter how many times Fox showed the slow mo replay.

Whatever. We're on to Los Angeles (NFC Version). Potentially with Mike Glennon, Devontae Booker, and whoever is still standing on the offensive line take on a team with Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Matt Stafford on three extra days of rest.

There is only one man to put behind center if Danny Dimes can't go…