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Our Foul Little Boy, WhiteSoxDave, Finally Got To Confront John Cusack About Being A Pink Hat And John Cusack Comes Back HARD

There goes John Cusack. Just trying to make his way into the game to see his beloved White Sox play their first home playoff game in over a decade. NOT SO FAST! WSD says you're banned. WSD didn't get the message the last time they had an internet dust up. Don't come at grown men

One of those moments that you just sit back and wonder if God is really on our side. Dave bans John Cusack from being a White Sox fan in 2016 when Cusack was seen wearing a Cubs hat at Wrigley. Dave has been giving him shit online for 5 years. Cusack just HAPPENS to walk into the same gate area at the same time as WSD and Cusack is probably the one guy in Hollywood who would entertain this interaction and then GO HARD on the internet after the fact and after a win for the White Sox

He wanted ALL of the smoke

I mean spot the lie

Just an unbelievable turn of events

Now WSD is banned by Cusack. A reverse ban. A good ole fashioned banned off

Cusack even hit WSD with a fake name and WSD took the bait

This was a hilarious interaction. I think Cusack bodied WSD in real time and on the internet, but he had to move the goalposts to do it. Deep down in places he doesn't want to talk about at parties he knows WSD is right. You gotta pick sides. You can't be a front runner and just cheer for whoever is good. WSD has him on that. Cusack can't be considered as real of a fan as WSD just because he knew guys who played in the 80s. I don't think Cucask could tell you who played first base in 2015 for the Sox and that is the problem. 

Can't believe it went down like this. Only at Barstool.