Good. Awesome. Perfect. - We Now Have Clint Dempsey Destroying USMNT And Gregg Berhalter For A Pathetic Loss To Panama

Oh good, this is exactly what we want to see during World Cup qualifying. Listen, he's not wrong and that's the problem. Gregg (and the players) completely fucked up yesterday against Panama. We got cocky after destroying Jamaica and with another game in the US this week, Gregg essentially punted trying to get a tie against Panama. Can't do that. Because guess what? Here are the standings now. 

We can't lose points at home now. I'm not even saying it's easy to go on the road and get points, but sending out your worst possible lineup is not the way to do it. Go the other way, Gregg. Start the best players, see how the first half goes and then make your subs. Honestly, I want guys like Clint calling out Gregg and USMNT. We're too good right now to be doing this bullshit. Plus, when Clint talks about USMNT, people should listen. He's one of the most decorated and best players we've had. 

And yeah a win against Costa Rica helps everything but the fact is we're doing the bullshit thin ice stuff again. You can't punt games away during this qualifying schedule. Not when everything is all bunched up and we still have a trip to Canada and have Mexico twice. Just please win now. Because I can't be out here sweating out qualifying matches when we have fans running on the field kicking balls in stoppage time.