Giants Postgame Recap And Laps: The Cowboys Literally Kill The Giants

Absolute disaster of a day. Daniel Jones concussed, Saquon's ankle blown up, Kenny Golladay's knee hurt...

Oh yeah and a Bears win hurts the position of the first round pick we got from them. Awesome. 

At least our first round pick Kadarius Toney looked AWESOME and by awesome I mean one of the best playmakers I have seen in the NFL this season. Too bad he got banged up in the 2nd half. At least any suspension the league may drop on him will allow him to rest up from that injury as well as however many laps Coach Judge makes him run. It better not be too many laps though because Yung Joka is going to be roughly 100% of our offense for the foreseeable future. We really need to trade someone picks or a player to swap bye weeks because next week against a Rams team with extra rest may get UGLY.

Man I miss when Andrew Thomas' limp was the biggest thing we worried about. As for any talk about the triple yolk eggs I cracked today, I made my official statement about it here.