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Chargers Won Ugly Thanks To A TERRIBLE Pass Interference Call

If you watched either of the first two Chargers games from this season, then you know the refs have traditionally fucked us. These two plays in particular stand out:

So it feels absolutely gross to have this win off the back of that dogshit PI call because we have been on the other side of that situation and it blows. And what is worse is that it is now going to hang over an INCREDIBLE game by my beautiful baby boy Justin Herbert like a stinky fart. On a short week vs a top 5 defense in football, he put up 427 total yards of offense and 5 total touchdowns. In his last 3 games:

901 yards, 11 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 118 average passer rating. 

The point of this story, though? FUCK REFS!