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Wait, What - The Bears Won Pretty Easily On The Road?

Pleasantly surprised.

I didn't think a whole lot of the Raiders coming in, but I definitely didn't see us being in control pretty much start to finish. Maybe it was the London game two years ago or the fact that I know many locals were excited to get out to Vegas for the one, but I just really didn't see it coming. What can I say I'm a big off the field juju guy, I guess?

Credit to the defense who has really locked in after that poor showing in LA. Even more credit to Derek Carr who was pretty damn awful as well. Alot of things to correct on offense still, but I was pleased with Fields poise in a big spot on the road. Khalil Herbert also looked pretty damn good too. Him and Damien really allowed the team to get going behind a nice showing by the offensive line.

We'll see what we're made of at home against Green Bay next week. It's fucking infuriating watching the Packers play like they did today and then know that it won't even be close to the same effort next week when we play them. Disgusting. But, that's how it is I guess.

Nice win.

Bear Down.