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Nobody Has More Fun Than Kyle Schwarber

One of the funniest errors I can remember. Funny because it didn't end up mattering, Eovaldi got the Sox out of the inning unscathed. Kyle Schwarber, despite looking like what God would build if he needed a first baseman for heaven's squad, has apparently never tossed any sort of item underhanded in his entire life. First try? Landed on the moon. But the second? Perhaps the most electric, routine grounder to first in the history of baseball.

I hope Chaim is on his way to the dugout right now with a massive contract in-hand awaiting Schwarber's signature. I can't move forward without him on this team for the rest of his career. Anyone who curtain calls a routine grounder and can turn a sarcastic cheer into a full blown standing ovation is a warlock or sorcerer of some sort and I can't have his magic anywhere but Fenway for the better part of the next decade.