Saquon's Ankle: NOT GOOD

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Your Running Back's Quad Looking Like It's Inflated When He's Standing: Good

Your Running Back's Ankle Looking It's Inflated After Rolling It: Bad

Your Running Back Getting Carted Off The Field: Awful

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Fucking Saquon can't catch a break unless it is a part of his body that breaks. Getting hurt after bumping into your own guy on an incomplete pass? What kind of rinky dink league is Goodell running? I know we can't turn injuries off in football but can we turn cheapie injuries like that off to the brightest stars in the game.

Now we have to once again hear people complain about a draft pick that happened 1,262 days ago while the Giants try to keep pace with an electric offense that scored a touchdown as I was writing this.

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Yup, we are in triple reaction GIF territory here. Too bad this injury happened in 2021 because this was the perfect use of this meme.