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Derrick Henry Just Wrapped Up The Most Dominant 40-Game Rushing Stretch Of All Time

Just another day at the office for the best running back in football. Derrick Henry finished the game vs the Jaguars with 130 yards and 3 touchdowns on 29 carries, it may have been the quietest 130/3 game ever too. No real long runs that we are used to seeing vs the Jags, just pounding away at them for 4 quarters. That 130 yards for him just wrapped up the most dominant 40-game stretch in NFL history EVER. 4,792 yards in his last 40-games breaks down to 119.8 yards per game. So he's averaging 120 yards per game for the last 3 years, that doesn't happen in today's NFL. And look at the names on that list. More yards in the stretch than Jim Brown, OJ Simpson, Terrell Davis, Eric Dickerson, just an unreal stretch by Henry. The 130 yards by him today seemed like a bad game too, usually vs the Jags he's sniffing 200 so I guess we can say he wasn't his true self today?

Coming into week 5 he also lead the NFL with 510 rushing yards. The second most yards in the NFL belonged to Derrick Henry's yards after contact with 365, and then the third most rushing yards in the NFL belonged to Nick Chubb with 362. Absolutely dominant. Teams know he's getting the ball and they still can't stop him. Doesn't matter the distance, doesn't matter the down, he's going to get the ball and run through defenders. He's on pace for another 2,000 yard season which would obviously be a record. He already is at 640 yards on the season, just 1,360 yards short of the 2,000 yard mark. So he just needs to average 113.33 yards per game for the rest of the season to get to the 2K mark, k that is incredibly doable. It's laughable to look at his rushing numbers. We've never seen someone run the ball like he does and for this extended period of time. Dare I say he's the best Titans player ever? 

Decent block on the kid Dakota Allen from Last Chance U here as well. Better get off the track when the train is coming through.