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Jalen Hurts Has Skyrocketed Up The MVP List After Breaking Out The Superman Celebration In Carolina

How do you recover from playing 3 quarters of some of the sloppiest, lifeless, ungodly horrific football you've ever seen? Simple, really. By doing what you do best, using the legs, getting into the endzone to take the lead, and then proceeding to troll the everliving shit out of the Carolina faithful. 

An ode to Cam? A troll to the fans? Doesn't matter. Jalen Hurts, at the very least, just saved himself of 3 straight days of every sports talk radio caller in the Delaware Valley screaming for Flacco to start against the Bucs. And at the very most? Well maybe, juuuuuust maybe, this is the juice that this Eagles offense desperately needed to finally get things going. Maybe that's a patented Mike McCarthy "mojo moment" for the Birds. Probably not, but whatever. Let us have this one. 

Such a whacky match of men's professional football that we were all witness to today. Lotta tremendously ugly and dumb plays being made on all sides of the ball. But somehow the Philadelphia Eagles managed to come out on top. No idea how that's the case, but I'll take it. Go Birds.