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Bears At Raiders - Return Of The Mack - Live Blog

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A great opportunity today for the Bears.

I know the Lions are bad, but there are definitely people who've kinda optimistically bought back in after it. I'm not really one of those people although I've been impressed with how the defense has responded to the Week 1 disaster. This game however is one that can kind of build some more momentum and alot more optimism because I don't think it's going to be easy to come out of Vegas with a win.

It just has a sad Bears fan passed out in a Nathan Vasher jersey against a slot machine in the Flamingo kind of vibe. If it happens though it'll be on the back of a hobbled, but vengeful Khalil Mack who i'm sure wants to spit in Jon Gruden's eyeball. Gonna be a big Sean Desai test in my eyes as well because for whatever reason I feel like we've sucked against premiere tight ends forever and Darren Waller is a motherfucker.

Let's hope Fields repeats last week and the Bears come out with a win to have some excitement leading into Packer week.

Bear Down.