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Fury Vs. Wilder III Was The Best Heavyweight Fight In Ages

Holy shit, what a goddamn fight that was!

I didn't even have any plans on watching Fury vs. Wilder III. I was stopping by an old pal's to say hello and he had a few of the neighborhood saucebags over to watch it. So I said, "fuck it, maybe we'll actually get a good heavyweight fight". What followed was one of the best bouts (of any class) I've seen in eons. I then posted this to Twitter because it had been so long since I'd seen an epic fight, I didn't know if I was just horny for a great battle...

I hesistate to compare it to anything from the Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Norton, et al. epoch just because of the respect I have for the best heavyweight era ever. And the '80s Four Kings was the best run ever. But man...that was an absolute fucking classic where each guy looked like he was done multiple times. Wilder has a chin made by a blacksmith and the heart of 100 champs. Fury looks like the toughest guy at your local dive but never even looked woozy. Just an epic fucking battle that was destined to end by KO. 

And it did.

Hats off to both guys for an incredible effort. There's nothing like a heavyweight championship boxing match. Give us more!