Fuck This

I am unwell. Terrible terrible terrible game after the Sox took the lead in the 5th. What the FUCK was La Russa doing pinch hitting Hernandez for Engel? It made NO SENSE. It was pointless. I cannot believe he did that. It not only took a gold glove quality outfielder out of the lineup, but Adam Engel is an INFINITELY better hitter than Cesar Hernandez. I don't care that it was R/R. Engel has proven over the last 2 seasons, albeit in not many games, that he can run into baseballs with decent regularity. He provides MORE THAN ENOUGH offense for a 9 hitter. Hernandez? He doesn't.

Fucking stupid. He looked like one of the little leaguers who the coach throws in RF because nobody hits the ball there when they're 9 years old:

Embarrassing. You reap what you sow.

That said, that didn't necessarily lose the game per se. It was the constant walks and free bases the White Sox pitchers allowed. Gio was fine. He did what he needed to do, but still too many walks. The Astros don't strike out at all and if you give them free bases, they're going to take advantage. Until Tucker drilled that HR off Kimbrel, I don't recall a single piss rod the Astros hit. Just bleeders and timely hitting. That's not a dig at them, either. It's just what happened. Batted ball "luck" went their way today, and luck is in quotes because they created that luck on their own. 

Simple as that. Gotta find a way to rattle off 3 in a row. Blackout game Sunday. Fat lady ain't singing yet. 

PS - this was a bullshit move by me and I'm pissed at myself for doing this. It was fucked up and not cool in any way. 

I sincerely apologize for this. Scumbag move even if nobody is pissed at me for it. The floor is yours in the comment section to roast me for it.

Go White Sox