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Well Shit, Jaylen Brown Tested Positive For Coronavirus And Now Has To Quarantine

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.
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Just when you thought that maybe this year would be different when it comes to injuries/covid stuff, here we are before the season even starts with another franchise guy testing positive for covid.

It's good to hear that he's asymptomatic, but this is just another reminder that we aren't anywhere close to being done with covid. As of this blog, we have no idea how long Jaylen will be out because of health and safety protocols. My hope is that he's ready to roll by opening night in 12 days, but who knows? This shit is so confusing. Some guys are back right away, some are out for a long time, all I know is this is not what I would call ideal. Part of me is definitely experiencing a little PTSD based on what happened last year and how it impacted the Celts season there's no two ways about it. All I want is just a normal season of health/availability. That's it. Let me get that and whatever happens afterwards I can live with.

We saw what not having one of the Celts best players available for about a prolonged stretch did to their record/season last year. I guess it's better that this happened now rather than a month from now, but it does stink that this shuts Jaylen down for the rest of the preseason. Especially with how he looked in their opener

I guess all we can do is pray that this doesn't escalate and impact more players as the season goes on, but who the hell knows. I'm not a doctor, I won't claim to know how the virus works or any of that stuff. I'm just going to hope Jaylen gets through his quarantine OK and everyone stays safe. Ultimately, that's what matters most.