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What Should The Punishment Be For Chucking a Cup Full of Dip Spit At Your Workplace?

We've got dip spit on the carpet people, dip spit on the goddamn carpet. 9-1-1, FBI, CTU, we must arrest this man. That's fucking barbaric. That right there is the lowest form of human existence. 

Not only did WSD chuck his dip spit with no regard for the Barstool Sportsbook house, but to then step in the puddle as he walked away? Straight up barnyard animal behavior. This guy constantly calls Yankees fans greasy assholes, but in reality all he needs to do is look in the mirror to find that description. 

What a hero. Wanna talk karma? Yesterday WSD accidentally bets Altuve to homer instead of Jose Abreu, and today this. That's not what you want if you're a White Sox fan if you ask me.

As for any punishment, doesn't look like we're headed in that direction. 


Granted it's just Game 2 and something far worse could be on the horizon if things go poorly. Tune in now!

Update: It's 9-4 Astros now…