Elizabeth Hurley's Son Encouraged His 56 Year Old Mom to Pose in Her Bikini Like Any Loving Child Would

If we've learned anything from celebrities being handed celebrity awards by other celebrities and then giving speeches to all the celebrities in the audience waiting for their celebrity awards, it's that no one makes it to the top of the celebrity stardom pyramid on their own. It takes a support system. Loving people around you who encourage you when you're down. Who see to it you believe in yourself. And who keep your starry eyes on the prize. 

Parents. Spouses. Significant others. Siblings. And in the case of international treasure Elizabeth Hurley, her son. 

Source - Elizabeth Hurley has revealed it was her son Damian who encouraged her to continue to take bikini snaps in England - despite the cold weather during lockdown. 

The actress, 56, who litters her Instagram with sexy swimwear snaps, said Damian, 19, told her to 'just do it' when she was hesitant about posing in a bikini because of the cold British weather, after being unable to travel to her sunny holiday destinations. 

Speaking on PeopleTV, Elizabeth said: 'He said, mum, "Just do it." Okay. I'm like, "Okay." But it's good. I had him on task, especially during lockdown.' ...

Elizabeth said the chilly British climate made it harder to strip down to model swimwear from her range.

'It was challenging because I didn't leave the country for anywhere hot. I filmed abroad, but I actually filmed in really cold countries. So all I had was my yard and my house, which is England,' she said.

Talk about raising your children right! We all need a Damien Hurley in our lives. Always. That person who believes in you and encourages you to keep going for it. Even when life's proverbial lockdown has us stuck in our own personal Britain and we're reluctant to face the metaphorical cold. You need someone who loves you for who you are. And who says to us, "just do it." Strip off those abstract clothes, strap on that two piece and put ourselves out there for the world to see. 

What mother couldn't benefit from a child like him? And you have to admit, this is a situation where Son Knows Best. He understands Elizabeth and how she needs to play to her strengths. I bet if Cleopatra had a son like him, he'd have had her conquering the known world. If Joan of Arc had Damien for a son, he would've had her living to a ripe old age, sleeping every night on a pile of French nobles' bones after showing them who's the heretic. If Prince Charles had any Damien Hurley in him, Elizabeth would still be oppressing the Irish like her ancestors. Like I said, all powerful women should have a son like this. 

So on behalf of the world, thank you Hurleys. Mother and son. And I won't tolerate anyone bringing up Oedipus because that is not what's going on here. This is just the purest kind of family love. I don't know what we did to deserve you. But you most certainly deserve one another.