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The Braves Added Terrance Gore to Their Postseason Roster, Who Hasn't Played on the Team All Season and Has 77 Career Plate Appearances in Seven Seasons

When the Braves begin their NLDS showdown with the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday afternoon, they will do so with a player on the roster who has yet to make an appearance for Atlanta. Terrance Gore, who has 77 career plate appearances since 2014, made the Braves' Postseason roster for one reason and one reason only: he's fast as shit.

Gore has possibly the most fascinating Baseball Reference page I've ever seen. He has more career games than plate appearances. He has driven in a grand total of one run in his career. He has more than twice as many stolen bases as hits.

Gore has made a career almost solely out of being a pinch runner. It's honestly pretty impressive given his offensive numbers and speaks to just how damn fast he is. He stole 18 bases in 49 games this season at Triple-A Gwinnett.

If Gore makes his way into a game this Postseason, you know exactly what he's in there to do.