"Sources" Are Telling Stephen A Smith That Kevin Durant Could Give The Nets The Green Light To Trade Kyrie Irving

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Well it was only a matter of time before we had a "report" like this from "sources" when it came to Kyrie, Durant, and their whole fiasco. First it was leaked that maybe the Nets would be interested in swapping Kyrie for Ben Simmons until KD reportedly shut that down. Then Marc Stein came out and said that it was in fact the Sixers that weren't even interested (yeah right).

Now, we have Stephen A suggesting that his "sources" tell him KD could have a change of heart and actually be OK with the Nets moving Kyrie. Around and around we go. 

I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't remind you that KD and Stephen A have a bit of a history when it comes to this stuff. Essentially, KD thinks he's full of shit and repeatedly calls him out for it

In fact, it's not just Stephen A, KD calls this shit out with all these talking heads to blatantly make stuff up

but let's get back to what Stephen A said. If you listen closely, you see why he's the GOAT with this stuff. You see how he said "won't eventually give Brooklyn the OK". That's how you protect yourself while also getting that narrative out to the masses. He's not saying he's already done it. He's just saying it "could" happen. Genius. He knows nobody is going to pay attention to that part, but KD also can't come out and say he's a liar for saying it. I'm going to go ahead and assume that Stephen A has no idea how KD feels about Kyrie or what their relationship is like, and while that's important, it doesn't exactly matter based on how he phrased it. 

Let's be clear here for a second too. The second KD says something like that, the Nets will find a trade. That's how the NBA works. What Durant says goes. If he wants to stick it out with Kyrie, the Nets will stick it out even if he's not able to play in half their home games and road games at MSG. If he doesn't want the distraction, Kyrie won't be a Net. The return might be dogshit because Kyrie will probably just retire, but the point is whatever Durant says goes. That's what makes this situation so fascinating. Will their friendship ultimately get in the way of a title? Is that maybe why James Harden hasn't signed his extension yet? Remember, only KD has signed on long term. Harden and Kyrie are still in limbo as of the writing of this blog. 

How this all plays out is honestly anyone's guess. Kyrie is impossible to predict. There's still time for his to get his vaccination and everything be squared away before the start of the season. It's also very possible he doesn't and the Nets are left with a choice. All things considered, it could end up being a franchise altering choice. 

All this made me wonder, if you had to guess who plays a home game for their current team first, is it Ben Simmons or Kyrie? I honestly have no clue as things stand today.