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This Vegas Highway Just Became a Death Trap Thanks To Allegiant Stadium Showing Raiders Games On Their Giant Screens As People Drive On By

Surely nothing bad will come of this feature at the Raiders' new home in Las Vegas. No longer do you need to listen to the game on the radio or pull up a stream on your phone. Nope, just peer out your window and take a gander at the gigantic crystal clear HD screen that shows every drop of sweat the Raiders are producing out there.

Over the years society has tried to hammer home to stop texting and driving. Put your phone down and limit all the distractions while operating your motor vehicle. But how could we watch football though? Vegas said have no fear, just check out this awesome, humongous TV that shows our beloved Raiders play the great game of football. No cell phone required, we got you!

Driving on the I-15 just got a whole lot more fun and thrilling. Just think as you're zooming by Allegiant Stadium on the way home as Derek Carr throws that final nail in the coffin game ending interception in the final minute and then BOOOM you slam into the back of someone's truck. You get up to the Pearly Gates and get asked how you ended up there only to say, "Carr chucked one into triple coverage on 2nd down when he should have just thrown it away." What a nice way to go out. 

God help us all if Derek Carr gets hurt and it becomes the Nathan Peterman show.