WATCH: The Perfect 60 Second Breakdown Of Last Night's Preposterous Double Punt In The Seahawks Game

I'm still not 100% sure if this was legal or how this was legal. What I do know is that Michael Dickson picking up that spinning ball then booting it to the other side of the field as a gaggle of superfreaks looked to tackle him was the most athletic thing I saw last night despite aliens like DK Metcalf, Aaron Donald, a bunch of baby Tampa Bay Rays, AND Genius Smith all appearing on my TV as well as a man brushing off a bird of prey digging its talons into his scalp. 

Luckily Mike Camerlengo so this too since he is the perfect guy to sum up such a ridiculous play in 60 seconds flat, considering he is the best guy on the internet at breaking down things in a minute (KFC is disqualified since he goes over a minute) and gave us these perfect comparison of NFL teams using Always Sunny references back in 2019.

I've blogged some of Mike's stuff on here in the past, namely his perfect breakdown of Zack vs. Slater in Saved By The Bell. He also unleashed this incredible fake story into the world. So give him a follow, check out his stuff, and pray we get some more weird shit this NFL Sunday for Mike to break down.