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Randy Arozarena Just Stole Home Against the Red Sox in Electric Fashion

Julio Aguilar. Getty Images.

That was fucking AWESOME. Randy Arozarena just became the first player in postseason HISTORY to steal home and hit a homer in the same game. The whole time the announcers kept talking about the gigantic lead he was getting at 3rd with the shift on and it was just bound to happen. The Sox didn't even bother to chase him back or give him a look. They were practically begging for it to happen. The 4-0 lead in the game was enough for Randy to take the chance and he caught Taylor taking a nice little snooze out there. Here's a different angle that shows the huge jump he got. 

Honestly it wasn't particularly close either. Absolutely electric play. Joe Davis with a fantastic call as well on top of it all. One of the best in the business, if not the best. 

October Randy is legitimately the best player in baseball history. Here's the homer from earlier, a no doubter to left.

A very small part of me is happy the Yankees aren't here because they are simply outclassed by Tampa in every aspect of baseball. The Rays are a goddamn wagon.