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This Seahawks-Rams Game Has Officially Lost Its Goddamn Mind

Looking back, we should've known that any Thursday night color rush game in Seattle with the highlighter jerseys on was going to result in some crazy shit we've never seen before. A weird score, a broken play turned into a chunk play by Russell Wilson, and some sort of controversial call. I didn't have a 12 brushing off a bird of prey digging his talons into his head, FOX showing Russell Wilson's dislocated finger from 100 different 8K cameras, or a double punt that seemed like the most illegal thing but counted after the punter picked up the ball as it was fucking spinning on my BINGO card though. Oh yeah and Matt Stafford's finger is fucked up too.

This game was officially in Bonusland Zone AKA the feeling you get when you are still drunk the morning after a great night out and everything is hilarious even before this happened.

Giphy Images.

God help us all (along with anybody playing against Robert Woods in a PPR league).

UPDATE: Geno touchdown!!! Give me all the chaos along with a score combination that doesn't seem possible using the rules of football and basic mathematics as Rams -2.5 hangs in the balance.

So THAT'S the guy the Giants ruined Eli Manning's Iron Man streak for! JK, fuck everybody involved in that decision for forever and a day.