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The Fox Deportes Call Of Randy Arozarena's Home Run Belongs In The National Radio Hall Of Fame

What a week for announcers with home runs! This is an absolutely hilarious call here on Randy Arozarena's home run vs the Sox to give the Rays a 4-0 lead. I mean this is absolute gold. He destroyed this ball so it deserved a good call and he got it. The announcer had it teed up for him too, he knew what he was going to say. "ARE YOU FEELING RANDY BABY?". It's a 15/10 call, I crack up every single time I hear it. He even gave us the Austin Powers accent too, I applaud the hell out of this announcer for the effort on this call. One of the funniest home run calls I've ever heard and all he needed one was simple line from Austin Powers. Absolutely hilarious.

Also, Arozarena's 11 homers in 19 postseason games is insane. Guy loves October.