The White Sox Sucked ASS Today

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What a dog shit fucking game. Here are all of my mental notes:

1. Wtf was Lynn doing pitching to Brantley with first base open and runners on 2nd and 3rd? You have 3 options there - intentionally walk him to load the bases, unintentionally intentionally walk him to load the bases, or bring in a LHP (Crochet) to get the out.  The White Sox opted to pitch to him and it went from a 3-0 game to a 5-0 game 

2. Lynn LABORED. Holy fuck man. Command was ass all night

3. Offense stunk, but truthfully, I didn't hate their approaches. McCullers slider is filthy and there weren't too many swings and misses out/off the plate on that pitch. He was forced to work over the plate with his fastball, but his fastball was so heavy today that that was all he needed anyways. Though he threw his slider a ton, he was kinda/sorta a one pitch pitcher. The White Sox just didn't make him pay for becoming that. It is what it is.

4. Must win tomorrow. MUST win. Can't go into Chicago down 2-0. Gio has historically been very good against Houston and we need him to have the start of his life tomorrow.

5. The same Gerrit Cole profile picture Yankees fan greasy gabagools that constantly inundate my DM's with comments like "the Yankees live rent free in your head" are the same ones living in my DM's rooting for the Astros. They fail to see the irony that I pissed them off so much that they tuned into my stream to watch me watch my team get beat. I can live with that.

6. Sorry the stream was boring. It was boring because the game was fucking boring. It was never close, it dragged, there weren't too many hits strung together all night and it was void of theatrics. I will not fake "character" on a live stream. What you see is what you get. What you saw tonight was me SEETHING because the team I sink every ounce of my emotions, finances, and life into absolutely fucking SUCKED 

7. See everyone tomorrow. Sox in 5. That doesn't change on my end

8. Fuck Jake Meyers