Alleged Zodiac Killer Had Ironic Internet Presence.

You can't make this stuff up. I guess it makes sense that the Zodiac killer adapted to the world like most boomers would by acting weird online. He was actively reviewing and commenting on stuff.

I guess it must have been pretty obvious this Gary Poste guy was the Zodiac killer, his friend was always accusing him of that. I kinda think the FBI may have had tabs on him and used him to solve other murders because no way this guy could hide in plain sight and evade detection. This guy was blatantly reviewing other serial killers and his friends would outwardly accuse him of being the zodiac killer. The weirdest spin is the guy apparently liked Lady Gaga. 

I mean who knows how many scathing reviews the zodiac killer posted over the years. I don’t mean to try to humanize this serial killer many people were impacted by his terrible crimes, but it's surreal to imagine a figure from history interacting in the modern world. Who knows, maybe D.B Cooper is somewhere out there investing in crypto right now with his hostage money.