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You Can't Measure Heart But You Can Definitely Measure Height

This has to be some sort of HIPAA violation. I look like Smitty's child.

But you know what you can't measure? Heart. And that's what I showed today in the Triple S. Down approximately 6 inches and (1) child compared to my opponent, all odds were against me inside Stool Streams Stadium.

The match came down to the final point: score tied 6-6, game 3. This is the moment that every kid dreams of. It was my time and I knew I had to bring out the big guns.

That George Washington trick has been my guiding light since 5th grade. It worked then and it worked today when it all mattered.

Shaun Deeb, professional Poker legend, shows why I suck at Poker.

Never reveal when you know someone's tell.

Regardless, Victory. What a feeling.

Smitty being Smitty