RIP DOWNTOWN! Gulag Showers Returns! Here's What You Need To Know About The NEW Warzone Season 6

RIP DOWNTOWN! IT'S FINALLY *half* GONE! I wish it was fully gone, but I'll take what I can get.

Warzone Season 6 went live today with a ton of updates across the board. First, the gulag showers are returning! This is a massive W - the showers were always the best gulag and we didn't realize how lucky we were until it was taken from us. Season 6 was confirmed that this will be the final season of Verdansk. At the end of the season, the new Pacific map will be the playable map for Warzone. RIP VERDANSK

We have (3) new guns coming to Warzone
1. .410 Ironhide - Shotgun (unlocked at Tier 15)

2. Grav *aka the Galil* - Assault Rifle (unlocked at Tier 31)

3. LAPA - SMG - will be unlocked through the Haunting event that is coming October 18th

Gun Nerfs

There were no buffs in this update - (4) guns were nerfed.

EM2, C58, MG82 and Stoner 63 were all nerfed.


Sickest Tracer pack they've ever added - The Ray Gun Tracer Pack

Legendary Mastercraft Bundle BUT why is it on the Gallo? I hate promoting shotgun use because it takes no skill. However, the Gallo hits HARD, I expect it to be used a lot this season…

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