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Shelley Meyer, Wife of Urban Meyer, Has Announced Her Retirement From Twitter

Now look what you guys have done. All your memes and jokes over the past couple days have officially forced Shelley Meyer, one of Twitter's most active users, into an early retirement. The internet lost a great one today. For those of you that followed her, you know that Shelley always fired from the hip. What a career.

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It's actually kind of sad when you think about it. Could you imagine being tagged in video after video of your husband getting grinded on by a 24-year-old blonde smokeshow? I mean, that has to be how she found out about it. Sitting at home, just got done bathing the grandbabies, and she goes to check her phone to see that her husband is cheating on her. Oh, and the entire world knows. That sucks. Shelley Meyer has feelings, too.

And she's also right that we all make mistakes, including those that are casting stones at the Meyer family. That is the one thing that sucks about the internet. Everyone's voice appears to matter. And even if it is coming from a Twitter egg, no one likes to read negative things about themselves. Plus, there is a 100% chance that people that have cheated on their own wives were the same people that had a blast tweeting at Urban, his wife, and his kids. And that really sucks.

HOWEVER, to quote the late great Omar: "It's all in the game"

If you're going to be a celebrity or a professional athlete or even a Barstool blogger, part of your job description is that you're going to get an unnecessary amount of hate. That's what this world has become. And that unfortunately includes your significant other as well. But for people like Shelley Meyer, you also get to be filthy rich and get opportunities that the rest of us only dream us. 99% of the world would switch places in a heartbeat with these people that we bash. 

So yeah, when Urban Meyer gets caught on video playing poke the finger on the backside, the internet was going to react.  Would I want to see viral memes of my husband cheating on me every time I logged in? No, but it is what it is. It's all in the game.

Oh who are we kidding? You know Shelley Meyer has burners.