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Giants Fans Are Officially On #LimpWatch For Andrew Thomas

Giphy Images.

Official Concern Level: 3.8 Balls 

We heard rumors of Thomas walking with a limp yesterday, which splashed some cold water on our Victory Wednesday good vibes before we were told . However to actually see the man that protects our QB1's blindside and allows him to hold onto the ball favor his foot 72 hours before facing Randy Gregory and that freak of nature Micah Parsons is less than ideal considering some of his struggles last year were chalked up to him playing through an ankle injury he suffered in the preseason.

Now look, I get that NFL player walks with a limp after their first professional game of human car accident. But seeing the second most important player on the Giants offense walking with a limp that some would say is him favoring his foot is not great considering Cowboys were tough enough to keep up with on offense even before they decided to actually field a defense this year.

Don't tell me that pimps or cool people walk with a limp either since every report about Andrew Thomas is that he is the furthest thing from that. He is just a quiet guy that loves to play the drums and rag doll superhumans like Chase Young.

Okay, that made me feel a little better. Still don't love that limp though. Rest easy though Giants fans, I will report back with any future #LimpWatch news as it breaks. This is The Clem Report signing off.