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A Wedding Photographer Deleted All The Pictures She Took And Walked Out After The Bride and Groom Said She Couldn't Have Food or Water

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Revolt - A photographer deleted wedding photos after she was denied a break “to get something to eat and drink” — and it’s sparking conversation on social media. According to Newsweek, the unnamed photographer posted about her experience on Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole” forum. She said that she had been working for six hours straight — as a favor to the groom and bride — for a flat rate of $250, which the couple said “is nothing for a 10-hour event.”

After snapping photos throughout the ceremony and reception, the woman was looking forward to eating dinner and taking a break. However, the bride and groom denied her request. “I was told I cannot stop to eat because I need to be a photographer. In fact, they didn’t save me a spot at any table,” she said. The groom also told the photographer that she could not leave to get food. After reaching her tipping point, the woman deleted all of the wedding photos that she took that day.


Justice is served. That is the only reasonable outcome to this story. Oh, I can't have a piece of chicken and a slice of cake? Then you can't get your corny little pictures, sorry bitch. Here is the full story from the Reddit post:


I'm not really a photographer, I'm a dog groomer. I take lots of photos of dogs all day to put on my Facebook and Instagram, it's "my thing" if that makes sense. A cut and a photo with every appointment. I very seldom shoot things other than dogs even if I have a nice set up.

A friend got married a few days ago and wanting to save money, asked if I'd shoot it for them. I told him it's not really my forte but he convinced me by saying he didn't care if they were perfect: they were on a shoestring budget and I agreed to shoot it for $250, which is nothing for a 10 hour event.

On the day of, I'm driving around following the bride as she goes from appointment to appointment before the ceremony, taking photos along the way. I shoot the ceremony itself, and during the reception I'm shooting speeches and people mingling.

I started around 11am and was due to finish around 7:30pm. Around 5pm, food is being served and I was told I cannot stop to eat because I need to be photographer; in fact, they didn't save me a spot at any table. I'm getting tired and at this point kinda regretting doing this for next to nothing. It's also unbelievably hot: the venue is in an old veteran's legion and it's like 110F and there's no AC.

I told the groom I need to take off for 20min to get something to eat and drink. There's no open bar or anything, I can't even get water and my two water bottles are long empty. He tells me I need to either be photographer, or leave without pay. With the heat, being hungry, being generally annoyed at the circumstances, I asked if he was sure, and he said yes, so I deleted all the photos I took in front of him and took off saying I'm not his photographer anymore. If I was to be paid $250, honestly at that point I would have paid $250 just for a glass of cold water and somewhere to sit for 5min.

Was I the asshole? They went right on their honeymoon and they've all been off of social media, but a lot of people have been posting on their wall asking about photos with zero responses.



A lot to unpack here, but mostly  she 1) isn't a photographer, she's a dog groomer. And 2) she took this job as a favor to a friend. That's the biggest part of it for me. She had a friend getting married and they wanted to save some cash, so she said she'd photograph it. Weird move on both ends, but if they weren't worried about the quality of the pictures and she wanted to do them a favor on their wedding day, fine, I can live with it. 

Side note: how can someone get married, care so much about pictures, and then expect a dog groomer to do it? So strange.

So as if it's not cheap enough they used a friend to shoot their wedding for basically, they had the balls to tell her that she couldn't eat the wedding food. And that 10000% makes them fucking assholes. Obviously. 

But I have a take- this is a grown ass adult. If she wants to eat food, she can eat food. Imagine someone telling you that you can't eat when you're hungry? You just…do it. Just eat the fucking food, what are the bride and groom going to do, fire you? Fire you from something that isn't even a job? Why did she care so much about what the married couple said? If you're hungry, put the camera down and eat! 

Now, I understand this is a part of it:


He tells me I need to either be photographer, or leave without pay.


So the groom is obviously a gigantic dick. But I think if the photographer milked this, and started methodically deleting the pictures one by one in front of the bride, causing her to go absolutely insane beyond belief, she could have gotten the groom to pony up even more money just to calm the bride down, and probably finessed a 2nd piece of chicken as well.

Lessons learned all across the board- if you want someone to take pictures for the most important day of your life, pay someone whose job isn't watching dogs fuck. And if you are going to hire a friend, maybe toss them a Deep Park and Cliff Bar for the work.