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Bob Arum Drops a Huge 'Fuck Her' on the Host of the Fury-Wilder 3 Press Conference for Asking the Fighters to Face Off

This is cued up to the 14:10 mark because the first 14 minutes is nothing but Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder ginning up interest in their third bout against one another using the typical scripted, pro forma, boilerplate shit talking boxers have been doing to promote fights since the time of John L. Sullivan. It's at that point that press conference moderator Kate Abdo decides it would be a good idea for the two fighters to face off, so everyone can get their photo opportunity. And they're about to, until a voice from the crowd tells Abdo that's not going to happen. 

That voice belongs to Bob Arum. Who explains what his beef was in typical Bob Arum fashion:

And here it is from the reverse angle, All-22 wide shot so you get to see how Arum's F-bomb drop killed:

Say what you will about the guy, and Dana White has said a lot worse than a simple "Fuck him":

Just admit that Arum is nothing but being his genuine self. The man comes from a time when successful men thought nothing of telling off anyone, male or female. He's an Equal Opportunity Fuck You-er. He's 89 years old and long ago ran out of fucks to give about what the public thinks of him tearing down a woman in the man's world he inhabits. So he's going to pull no verbal punches when he sneers as he calls her, "this woman from the UK." Let's the spittle fly and tells her what he fucking thinks of her.

The guy has survived lawsuits too numerous to count. A feud with Don King that goes back half a century. FBI raids. Allegations. Accusations. Scandal. He was born during the Great Depression and his here in the third decade of the 21st century still at the top of the fight promotion game and isn't going to let a little thing like the world's attitude toward old guys shitting on career women force him to self-edit when he thinks she's slanting a press conference toward a fighter and vetoing his decisions. 

And he's not the least bit shy about telling Abdo to her face:

So call Bob Arum a sexist old asshole if you will. But he's got the liberty that can only come from knowing he's not long for this world and when he checks out, he's going out on his terms. That said, Dana White is pretty spot on about him.