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Sniping Home An Overtime Game Winner To Cap Off Your Gordie Howe Hat Trick Is A Great Way To Make An NHL Roster

Gather 'round, boys and girls, and let me tell you the tale of Two Gordies. 

First up we have Nathan Walker. He had a goal 4 and a half minutes into the game to give the Blues a 2-0 lead. Then he had an assist on the Blues' 3rd goal of the period less than a minute later. So buddy is sitting with a goal, and apple, and the game is barely 5 minutes old. Obviously he was going to go for the 1st period Gordie. You have to at that point. And considering the Wild were getting their dicks kicked in, he wouldn't have much difficulty in finding a willing and able combatant. 

So in comes Adam Beckman. 20-year-old Sasky boy. Spent the past 3 seasons in the WHL, had a few games with Iowa in the AHL, looking to make an NHL roster for the first time in his career. Obviously he didn't have a goal or an assist to his name since the Wild were getting curb stomped in the 1st. But he figures he has to make an impact somehow. And sure, he got tagged up pretty good in that fight. Definitely didn't get the decision on that one. 

But it gets the boys going. And 40-some minutes later, Beckman grabs an assist on the goal to send this bitch to overtime. 

Tilt to get the party started. Assist to keep the party going. Only one thing left to do for the Beck Man. 

How can you not be romantic about fighting in hockey? As one Gordie Howe Hat Trick comes to an end, it brings new life to another. Poetic as shit. 

And how can you not love this kid going up and doing his post game presser with a busted ass nose full of blood. 

Hockey player. Give this kid a roster spot.