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Comedian Tim Dillon With An All-Time Rant And Review Of Lori Lightfoot's Yelp Profile Where A Company Destroys Our Dear Mayor

Honestly, this interaction probably would've cost Lori Lightfoot the election and saved us all a lot of trouble if it came to light prior to 2019. The internet doesn't forget and neither does Carlos at VIP Limo. It's hard to catch people in lies in real time while they're reporting facts about the city or whatever else the government is trying to sell you. Lori here...she apparently has no problem lying actual reason and is willing to try to get a hard working Chicago resident fired because...who the fuck knows. This is why it is important to just tell the truth and do the right thing when nobody is looking. You never know when you're entire story about your driving pissing on the seat in your bathroom will bite you in the ass because cameras are rolling and the internet is cached. Just a little window into the type of person she is and what she is willing to do to regular people. Remember this for next time.