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From The Sounds Of It, Wrestling Fans In Philly Don't Seem To Be Too Fond Of Ben Simmons Either

Okay well now c'mon, guys. I mean what did Ben Simmons ever do to you? Sixers fans have a legitimate gripe here but it's not like Ben Simmons had a wide open chokeslam but ended up tagging out instead. I don't know how wrestling works but that seemed like enough references to get my point across. 

But you know what? This may actually be the perfect solution. We all know that the biggest reason Ben Simmons doesn't want to come back to Philly right now is because he's afraid of the fans. So what if Sixers fans just go to AEW shows throughout the season to get all their Ben Simmons hatred out of their system? Get the "fuck Ben Simmons" chants going at AEW, then just don't say a peep during Sixers games. Then Ben can come back, he can build his trade value back up, the Sixers can send him to Portland for Dame, and the parade down Broad Street will be back on. Crazy? Perhaps. But crazy enough to work? Abso-friggin-lutely.