Patrik Laine Is Looking Dangerous As Heck Now That He Doesn't Have To Worry About The Torts Dog House

I said this when the Blue Jackets first announced that Torts wouldn't be coming back this year, but 20--30 years ago John Tortorella would have been just another ordinary coach. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about the 70s or 80s here. I'm talking about 2001. The game just changed so quickly and somehow guys like Torts became dinosaurs overnight. 

Now there are still some guys in the league who can handle that...harsh but fair coaching style from John Tortorella. Guys who appreciate someone who holds everybody accountable from the top of the roster to the bottom. But Patrik Laine doesn't seem like he's one of those guys. He's more of a "I just want to score a shit ton of goals and then go home to play video games" type of guy. Each of those guys are perfectly fine on their own, but there's just no way the two of them can coexist on the same team. Either Torts stayed and Laine would have mortgage payments on the dog house due on the 1st of every month. Or Torts would get canned and Laine could go on to do shit like this on a nightly basis now that he doesn't have to worry about getting chewed out every time he gets back to the bench. 

Granted it's against the preseason Detroit Redwings. But that's a bad, bad man. 

Patrik Laine is unchained. And if I were Brad Larsen, I'd just go ahead and let this stallion run for as long as possible. I wouldn't even say a word to him for the first few months of the season. Give him a regular shift, let him run the "I'm significantly better at hockey than at least 90% of the people out here" play, and see how far that can take you. It's not like the Blue Jackets have many more options to go with this season anyway.