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The Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song Is The GOAT Theme Song And That Is A FACT


Excuse the clickbait-ish title, had to get your attention. I don't *actually* think it's the GOAT theme song, per se. 

HOWEVER....rumor has it that the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song and White Sox highlight montage is making a comeback for home playoff games because of popular fan demand. Not sure if that's true or not, so don't talk shit if it's not. If it is, that's a perfect way to get Sox Park LOUD. Pair that with a blacked out crowd (in multiple ways) and the light show and you have an SEC football game on horse steroids.  

I have no idea how these next 3-5 games are going to go, but I feel good. Loose as a goose. I'm sure come first pitch I'll be a nervous wreck and want to kill myself and/or somebody else (Mush) but let's ride. It's been a long time since we've watched a non-pandemic playoff team

Giphy Images.

We earned this bitch.

I'm in NYC for the first two games to watch the series with all the Houston fans in the office or something like that. Stream info coming asap. The 3pm CST start time is killing me, but I gotta control what I have the ability to control, which is willing my team to victory by yelling at a TV from about 1600 miles away. Then Sunday we run it back for a Lot B tailgate and home playoff baseball at Sox Park. Hopefully that's the last game the Sox play in the series and they're 8 wins away from a World Series. 

In the meantime, check out Red Line Radio today. It's an episode by White Sox fans, for White Sox fans. Seriously. Had the Section 108 crew and KenWo in for a couple hours to drink some Malort and shoot the shit. The interview was 90% fucking around, 10% White Sox, so it'll be a fun convo for all listeners. That said, we did talk White Sox baseball from as far back as the 80s to the current team. Not kidding when I say this, it was my favorite convo ever on Red Line Radio. Not necessarily the most informative as we're 5 babbling idiots, but that's what made it great.