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The Dodger Crowd Sang Joe West A Retirement Song During The Wild Card Game....Just Kidding They Chanted "Joe West Sucks" During His Last Game

As we reach the end of Joe West's MLB umpiring career a lot of people have been trying to figure out the right way to honor the man who ruined so many baseball games. Last night was what we assumed would be his last game behind the plate and the Dodgers fans wanted to send him off with a nice retirement song. So what did they do? Chant "Joe West Sucks!" at the man while he butchered the strike zone. I think that is a perfectly fine way to honor the country music star and umpiring legend during his last game on the diamond. Last night wasn't his worst effort, but it was far from his best. Chanting "Joe West Sucks!" during the game is one way to make sure almost every call goes against you though, maybe not the brightest move by the crowd but they had to let him hear it one last time. 

It was just another day at the office for West, called a few balls in the other batters box a strike, and he also gave us maybe the laziest strikeout call of all time. Have to respect it the lack of hustle there by West. It was kind of cool to see some of the Dodgers swarm West after the game though, glad they were able to send him off in style and the game didn't end on a blown call or something.

His final report card wasn't terrible though, actually a solid game by Joey. Good for him going out on top.