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Juan Soto Loves Baseball So Much That He Flew Cross Country And Wore A Trea Turner Jersey While Sitting Behind Home Plate For The NL Wild Card Game

Find a friend who supports you like Juan Soto supports his former Nationals teammates in Trea Turner and Max Scherzer. Soto was front and center behind home plate for the NL Wild Card Game with Nationals hitting coach Kevin Long, and super agent Scott Boras. Not only was he in attendance, he was rocking Turner's old Nationals jersey and Long was wearing a Scherzer jersey, I love this move.

You don't see this ever out of baseball players, once their season is over they aren't seen again until Spring Training in February. You don't see players going to games after their season is done, and if they do go to a game they'd be up in a box not down low. This was a super cool move by Soto to make the trip out there and be behind the plate firing up his old teammates and cheering them on. 

Look how happy the three of them are together after Chris Taylor walked it off in the 9th, Max runs over to the screen and gives them the high fives and blows them a kiss. This is Max Fucking Scherzer we're talking about and he's blowing kisses? The most intimidating pitcher in the last 10 years? He doesn't do that! Just shows you how much he loves Soto. I think it was really cool to see them there cheering on Turner and Scherz, think it says a lot about Soto and the kind of person he is too.

It was pretty funny that they showed Soto on the big screen and he got boo'd, until he turned around and showed the LA crowd his Turner jersey. He was there as a fan, not for some corporate sponsorship thing, he wanted to cheer on his buddies who he won a ring with. Guy may be winning an MVP in a few weeks and he's sitting in the stands eating popcorn like a normal Joe. Maybe the only time in history a guy sitting in the front row can say "I'm better than you" to the guy in the on-deck circle and it's 100% true. Love that he wore the World Series ring too, can't let those Dodgers fans forget that part of 2019.