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'Squid Game' Accidentally Used a Random Person's Phone Number in the Show Which Caused Someone To Get Over 4,000 Calls a Day


In Squid Game, participants are given a business card. On one side are PlayStation-like icons, and on the other is a phone number to call. The number, however, is real.

When phone numbers appear in Hollywood movies and US TV shows, they typically include with “555,” which is a phony phone prefix. The reason why this fake number is used is that people will call.

The creators of Squid Game thought the number in the show was safe because, as Koreaboo explains, the first three digits of the number were removed. However, since the last eight digits were provided, it was possible to phone the number as a local call, and the number would connect automatically without the first three digits. The owner of the number has been receiving thousands of phone calls since the show debuted on September 17.

There might not be a worse daily happening than a spam call. Sometimes it's simply not your day and you get hit with a wave of telemarketers and phony insurance people trying to ruin your life for no reason at all. Your phone for all intents and purposes becomes useless until the madness stops. I remember one morning commuting to the old office I got targeted by every one of those motherfuckers. The robots and humans decided as a collective group, "let's fuck over Hubbs today." So much so I lost my mind on one caller and went back at them. The person responded that they would never stop calling me that day as a result of my attitude. I've never felt more helpless. 

Well, try being this person in Korea who has gotten more than four thousand calls a day because the hit Netflix show 'Squid Game' accidentally used their real number on one of the business cards in the show. Nightmare city. Quickest course of action here is to change your number immediately right? Well, this poor soul has had that number for 10 years and it's linked directly to their business. 

He told MBC that he can’t change his number as he has been using the current one for 10 years and it is linked with his business. He claimed that even his wife is suffering as she has the same number except for the last digit.- source 

I couldn't imagine changing my phone number at this point in my life. Other than my birthday it's gotta be the oldest set of numbers I have memorized in my life.  Now I will say as much as it sucks to be this person right now, they're more than likely to be in for a pretty good payday. You gotta be able to sue Netflix for doxxing you these days. Supposedly a presidential hopeful in South Korea offered 100 million won for the number ($85,000), but they were turned down. Keep your eyes on the prize and get that Netflix money. 

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