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It Sounds Like The Mets Can Cross Theo Epstein Off Their List Of Candidates To Become The New President Of Baseball Operations

Cuncel da Epstien! I guess? To be honest, anytime there are reports about a team and someone being out on each other, I chalk it up to one of the sides if not both negotiating with each other. And considering one of those guys being the real Bobby Axelrod, I have to think that the perceived "fit" and "timing" could change if Axe wants his guy bad enough. However, we'll just say that Theo is looking extremely unlikely to take over the Mets as of right now and leave it at that.

I personally am fine with Theo, Billy Beane, or David Stearns getting the job since they are all big names with track records of success. Theo was ideal because he is The Curse Breaker who took down damn near 200 years worth of World Series droughts in major baseball cities, so reversing whatever evil juju has plagued the Mets for 35 years would be light work. But it seems like Theo has bigger goals in mind, whether it's starting his ownership group or saving the game of baseball from Rob Manfred. Plus we can't ignore that Theo's two pals that were hired in the Mets front office last offseason got busted for being a creep and for a DWI. To say the Epstein tree hasn't grown much fruit in Flushing is fair while others would say the fruit was all poisonous. 

I also would've hated if the Mets hiring of Theo made things weird between myself and sweet Carl.

To be clear, I would deal with a rocky relationship for a few years for a World Series but I don't think anybody wants to be on the wrong side of this fella

Stearns doesn't feel like a fit since the Mets have to wait until the Brewers are eliminated from the playoffs to interview him and the Brewers denied that interview last year. Having a Mets fan in that role would be nice since he knows how are maniacal brains work. But this just feels like one of those relationships that are not meant to be right now.

Whatever. We are on to Billy Beane.


I know there were reports that Beane coming to the Mets was unlikely, but this report is newer and much more optimistic, so we are going with it! In Uncle Stevie We Trust.

Regardless of who becomes President of Baseball Operations, that guy has to bring in Ozzie Guillen as manager simply because of these videos and the fact he would be incredible with the New York fans and media.