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Masshole Hockey Parents Lead To "Severe" Referee Shortage And Canceled Games

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Hockey youth programs are dealing with a severe referee shortage, and according to the organization, the main reason is abuse from coaches, parents and players.

The organization said a large number of referees have either not returned this season or left since the season started. Mass Hockey has about 900 fewer referees than it did before the COVID pandemic.

Since the start of the current season, Mass hockey said it has already seen several “troubling incidents.”

One official needed a police escort after a game featuring 8-year-olds. In other instances, Mass Hockey said a female referee quit in the middle of a series of games because of parent harassment, a parent came onto the ice trying to get to a referee, and a parent went into the scorer’s box to berate an opposing player over a penalty committed against her child.

Get a load of these asshole hockey parents who are simultaneously scaring away refs and embarrassing themselves with equal aplomb. Or the dad who took his kid playing goalie off the ice after a missed call, ensuring there would be no game. Just light your money on fire next time, pal. What a pack of losers. 

Imagine yelling at some kid or young adult giving his/her time to make a few bucks so your precious offspring can have an organized game? Or going onto the ice to get at a ref? Because, what, the ref missed an offside or your kid getting hooked and now he won't go in the first round? Grow the fuck up, get the fuck over yourselves, let the kids play, and leave the goddamn officials alone. It's not that hard.

"Do you know who I am?!?" "Yes, you're the lady embarrassing the fuck out herself and her kid right now."

It's not just the parents. Coaches and refs are always gonna bitch at each other but the coaches of youth sports are the ones who should be setting an example for the players. And abusive youth players is what you generally get when a) the parents are assholes and, b) the kid grew up never knowing what a repercussion is. Parenting has largely gone from "did you this, Johnny?" to "not my Johnny!" and it does the kid no favors when it comes to the real world.

Our pals Motts and BY do a fantastic job covering this shit on The Rink Shrinks podcast. Be sure to check them out.