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Colin Cowherd Says "Keep An Eye On Aaron Rodgers & The Steelers"

The Herd spent a segment talking about a guy who talks about often in Aaron Rodgers, but this one surprisingly wasn't him being coy and snarky about Rodgers being a "bad teammate" or having "bad sideline body language" or being "handsome". It was about his thoughts that Aaron Rodgers and the Steelers could be a real play for next year. 

"This franchise has a history. They had Bradshaw, then they had a bunch of guys, and then they hit Big Ben. And that's the only time they've won Super Bowls. The Rooney family remembers that big gap very well between Bradshaw and Big Ben. How do you solve it? You don't go college. You go get Aaron Rodgers - who unlike a college quarterback - doesn't have a 50% hit rate. He has a 100% hit rate. What wins in sports in 2021? Aggressive."

Cowherd went on to talk about what Rodgers has said publicly on the Pat McAfee Show about his admiration for Pittsburgh and Mike Tomlin. 

Yeah. No shit I'd love Aaron Rodgers to bring the 12 back in black & gold. Do I think it'd be awesome? Yes. Do I think it'd make the Steelers back to Super Bowl contenders even with a young O-line? Yup. Do I think this is Cowherd treading Wednesday midweek water so he doesn't have to talk about Urban Meyer anymore? Definitely. Maybe the franchise breaking protocol by signing TJ Watt to a massive deal the week of the season opener shows that perhaps they are in fact willing to start to change and be that aggressor like Cowherd is talking about. Hopefully for our sake. It'd be a damn shame to look back on a roster that has Cam Heyward, TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, the collection of young offensive talent and NOT win or even get to a Super Bowl. It'd be a terrible shame. So hopefully Mr. Rooney is up there in his big office thinking "we gotta do everything we can to make that happen" and the way that happens? Being aggressive to bring Aaron Rodgers to another storied franchise to finish his career with a coach he apparently loves. 

I don't know. We're 1-3 and I'm just looking for any sign of hope. Surprisingly today it came from ol' uncle colin.