Robbie Lawler Offering To Help Out Nick Diaz In Any Way He Could After Beating Him At UFC 266 Was Extremely Cool

While we were all super excited about the return of Nick Diaz at UFC 266 last month, I think that by the time Fight Week rolled around and Brett Okamoto's one-on-one with Nick aired, we could all tell something might've been off about the legend from Stockton....

It didn't seem like Nick wanted to seemed like maybe he had to fight? He mentioned new management multiple times, there were rumors about him having money issues and needing this paycheck - I don't wanna speculate on that too much, because I have no idea how much truth there is it to any of it, but this was all just a little bit worrisome to hear knowing he was headed into a fight against "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler; NOT an easy opponent by any stretch of the imagination.

When it came down to Fight Night, Diaz put on an admirable effort for a guy who hadn't fought in over five years, but was ultimately much too slow and sloppy for Lawler, and once he got dropped, Nick said "no mas" - something we'd never expect a Diaz Brother to do in a million years.

Afterwards, Robbie and Nick hugged and shared some words that we can now listen in on, and it once again proves why Robbie Lawler is one of the most respected fighters in UFC history from fans, peers, and higher ups alike….

This is now the second time where we've gotten a real sense of who Robbie Lawler is as a man on 'The Thrill and the Agony' - the first being after Ben Askren "choked him out" in his UFC debut, and Lawler was still conscious after Herb Dean stepped in to call the fight….


Obviously, Lawler couldn't believe the fight was stopped initially (costing him a $100,000 win bonus), but it took him about five seconds to cool down and tell Herb Dean that he's a "hell of a fucking ref". 

Robbie actually looked guilty that Herb was gonna feel bad about that stoppage! What a guy. So much respect for him.