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Jake Paul catches Tommy Fury Being a Broke Boi in 4k

So Jake Paul got sent a photo of Tommy Fury flying spirit air. Tommy is the most likely opponent Jake is currently in negotiations with. He has been shitting on him for not signing a fight contract for 1 million dollars. Tommy made 15k in his fight against Jake Paul's sparring partner, even though he won, he made way less than Anthony Taylor who won 40k. That is what I think is the whole crux to the fight negotiations. 

Jake upped his offer to not only pay him the 1 million but also set him up with first-class tickets and a stay in the Best Western.

Look the thing is 1 million dollars makes public opinion sway towards Jake, it is a lot of money for almost all people, but in this event, Jake Paul would be taking home close to 10s of millions of dollars. The 1 million for Tommy is ridiculous in comparison, Jake Paul is the larger draw, but no one is going to buy one of his fights if it isn't for someone who's going to make the audience think Paul might lose. The alternative is Woodley again who made 2 million from the last fight plus pay per view cut. I do believe the contract negotiations aren't exactly about the guaranteed purse but rather how much each party is getting in PPV percentages. Tommy is being made to look greedy, but in reality, taking 1m for the fight is robbery for Tommy compared to what money he is bringing to the event. Jake has claimed that he is a tenth of the way to being a billionaire which puts him around 100m, much of which was probably made from the past 3 fights. Tommy has a large social following and will bring fans to watch- plus he will probably have MTK global behind him. MTK is very involved with all Fury boxing and knows how to negotiate fights. Frank Warren is Tommy's promoter officially and to be honest, everything is kinda muddy when it comes to MTK, Fury boxing in general. A lot of Peaky Blinders-type stuff. Fact is, Paul's team isn't dealing with any pushovers in the MMA or influencer fight game, they aren't going to get away with paying Tommy 1/20th of what the fight can produce.