The Yankees Head Into a Long, Dark, Important Offseason And Their First Order of Business Needs To Be Moving on From Aaron Boone as Manager

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox. Getty Images.

Before I get into the purpose of this blog, make no mistake about it, a major reason the Yankees lost last night's Wild Card Game was the dogshit start given by Gerrit Cole. It starts and stops with the six outs he was only able to get against Boston. He let down the team as well as the entire fanbase with his performance on Tuesday. He simply didn't have it when he absolutely needed to. Cole will have himself a long offseason to think about what went wrong and how to get himself back on track. I have confidence he'll be able to do that, but right now we're all allowed to be pissed. 

There are a ton of things on the Yankees' offseason checklist that need to happen if they want to really start competing again. What does Aaron Judge's extension look like after the season he just put together? Do you chase a big name shortstop in the upcoming free agent class (Seager, Correa, Story, etc.) ? What do you do about first base? How about centerfield? What about the starting rotation? All of those questions are massive and need legitimate solutions, but the first question that must be answered is what to do with Aaron Boone. 

Hitting coach Marcus Thames is almost certainly gone and to many, including myself, it seems obvious Aaron Boone needs to go as well. It does appear like people inside the organization are split. 

A firing is not necessary with his contract up, just a simple moving on from will do. Boone said after the game he has not had any discussions with management about his future. This below feels like a quote from a manager who knows he's done. 

Do I think Aaron Boone is solely responsible for all the team's failure over the years? No, the players are definitely under fire for underperforming, but the manager deserves blame no question. The culture Aaron Boone has set over the years is unacceptable. Reaching just one ALCS during his tenure is not even close to good enough. His supporters will say he averaged 98 wins in his three full seasons as Yankees manager. Sure that's nice but in NY all that matters is rings. What have you done for me in October? If Boone is allowed a fifth year he'd be the first Yankees skipper since 1922 to be allowed to go that long without a ring in the Bronx. 

There are many questionable decisions Boone has made throughout this tenure that I can go back on and criticize, but the one thing that has consistently bothered me about him is how he deals with the media. The constant cliches and bullshit answers are infuriating. None worse than last night's following elimination.


It's a tone deaf, out of touch quote I cannot get past. "The league has closed the gap on us." The Yankees best finish since Boone took over was an ALCS loss in 2019. He inherited a team that was poised to win, loaded with talent, and then they added even more, only to regress. A roster this talented should have had to go on the road in a wild card game to Fenway Park. The Rays have had their number for years now. Same with the Astros. Same with the Red Sox. The league hasn't closed the gap, it's actually extended it in reverse fashion on the Yankees. They are in need of a major makeover and it starts with a new manager. A new face of the everyday decisions that happen with this team. Cashman has to do away with his puppet and bring in someone that change the beat. Bring in a dude who will be allowed to do what he wants. You cannot keep going with the same formula here, it doesn't work. You are no the Rays, stop trying to be the Rays. 

Is replacing Aaron Boone the end all be all answer? No, but it's a start. A necessary start. If they moved on from Cashman I would be down as well, but I think he gets another year personally. 

For those that want to drink our tears since I know a lot of you love that, have at it. 

P.S. My honest fear is he comes back on a 2 year deal since Cashman and Hal love and support him like one of their own family members. Just my gut.