Brandon Staley Is The Football Coach Of The Future

That is such a god damn brilliant answer and it epitomizes what makes Staley so special. You might look at him and think "that man is a damn nerd that is probably big on analytics." And you would be right! He does embrace the analytical side of the sport. It helps with situational football, reveals strategies that will seems counterintuitive to traditional coaches and helps obviously a ton with player evaluation. But Staley also embraces that old school mentality of the sport. The football guy side of it. 

This clip shows how he not only understands that "you have to establish the run to pass the ball" is a myth, but he also tells us how the run actually impacts the game. That physicality of the game and how it forces the other side to engage with blocks and tackle. The mental side of the game that goes beyond the numbers. I love that Staley is a guy that gets that, and I love how other analysts, fans and players are catching on to it as well. 

He gets football, he gets number and he isn't a pussy. What more could you possibly want from a football coach?