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A Group Of Independent Investigators Claims They've Identified The Infamous Zodiac Killer

Source - A team of independent investigators are alleging they’ve uncovered the identity of the Zodiac Killer.

The team, known as the “Case Breakers,” claim to have pinned down the string of infamous murders to a man named Gary Francis Poste. In 2018, Poste died. 

According to that report, the team spent years of digging up forensic evidence and photos taken from Poste’s darkroom. One of those images, the team said, revealed a scar on Poste’s forehead that they say matched scars seen on a previously released sketch of the California serial killer.

Other clues cited by the team included code-cracked letters that pointed to Poste, including one that utilized the letters of Poste’s full name. The claim of having identified the killer, however, isn’t without its doubters. The group says the believe the killer is also the person responsible for a murder that took place hundreds of miles away from the general area where he’s known to have killed multiple people.

Okay so let me get this straight...the Zodiac Killer, a guy who killed thirty-seven people over the course of ten years during the 1960s...was just a scar on his forehead? Is this a real thing? It can't be, right? Here's a photo of him from back in the day...

Apparently he was also arrested for something unrelated in 2016, but the cops let him go...

Regardless, they've gotta be able to do some sort of testing to confirm Gary Francis Poste is actually the killer. Which will be tough considering both he and his victims are dead, but you never know. Maybe they have something in evidence they can crosscheck with his DNA. Even if they can't I'm still going to believe that this is the guy. It's time to put the case to bed. What's done is done. There have been far too many movies, conspiracies, and articles written about these murders that happened far too long ago. Granted it's because they were never solved, but that's neither here nor there. I'm sick of it. Rock it hell, Gary Francis Poste. May God have zero mercy on your soul